Heritage Action: Mike Pence to Headline Save Our Paychecks Tour Stop in New Hampshire

November 22, 2021

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Today, Heritage Action released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson announcing 48th Vice President of the United States Mike Pence as the featured speaker for Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks Tour. Pence is the chairman of Advancing American Freedom and a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

Former Vice President Pence will be joining Heritage Action in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 8 to highlight how Biden’s “Build Back Broke” agenda is hurting workers and families across the country.

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson:

Mike Pence is a champion of the American worker, and I am so proud to have him join Heritage Action at the Save Our Paychecks Tour in Manchester, New Hampshire. We are honored to have the former vice president join us in this fight for Americans who have been left behind by the Biden Administration. From cradle to grave, Democrats are implementing a big government socialist agenda to fundamentally remake America and change our way of life, and we will not stand for it. With the Save Our Paychecks Tour, Heritage Action is exposing the Biden agenda for what it truly is: anti-worker and anti-freedom.

Vice President Mike Pence:

Americans from all walks of life are feeling the effects of the Democrats’ reckless tax and spend agenda and their relentless effort to destroy the pro-growth policies of the Trump-Pence administration that unleashed American prosperity. Whether it’s at the gas pump or in the grocery store, families are seeing less in their pocketbooks at the end of the month. I am honored to join Heritage Action for America to stop President Biden’s radical attack on American workers.


  • Since August, Heritage Action, in collaboration with the Coalition to Protect American Workers, has hosted state and national officials and small business owners at local businesses across the country in a series of events aimed at exposing how disastrous President Biden’s policies have been for the American worker. To learn more about the Save Our Paychecks Tour, visit saveourpaychecks.com.

  • Earlier this year, Senator Rick Scott joined Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks Tour event in Manchester to expose how damaging President Biden’s economic agenda is for workers in the Granite State and encourage Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) to listen to the stories of New Hampshire small business owners who don’t support Biden's multi-trillion-dollar tax and spending agenda.

  • In November, Heritage Action launched a $1.25 million SALT deduction TV ad buy is the latest installment of Heritage Action’s $2 million+ cable, broadcast, and digital ad campaign aimed at opposing the Democrat’s Build Back Broke agenda.
    • In August, Heritage Action committed $860,000 to a digital ad campaign opposing Democrats’ healthcare takeover in the reconciliation package as a pay-for.