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Biden’s reckless spending and bad economic policies are hurting American workers.

See if your members are putting Americans first, or if they are bowing to the woke Left.

Visit the Heritage Action Scorecard.

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Biden Inflation Tracker

Visit The Heritage Foundation's Inflation Tracker to see how much Biden's policies are hurting your paycheck.

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Americans need policies that work.

But Biden's agenda is not delivering...

The Democrats’ spending addiction has created an inflation crisis and their solution is to spend more and tax more.

Senator Rick Scott

In Georgia, we are leading the way to get people back to work, and I am proud to join Heritage Action on the Save Our Paychecks tour as we work together to put hardworking Americans first and support our small business community.

Gov. Brian Kemp

Thanks to Bidenflation and the Administration’s continued attacks on our pocketbooks, Americans are losing purchasing power every month — blue state lockdowns and Congress’ disastrous spending plans have led to higher taxes and higher unemployment.

Executive Director Jessica Anderson

We are enraged. Every one of us should be outraged. They are taking from our children, they’re taking from our grandchildren, and they are taking from you right now. It is wrong.

Congressman Drew Ferguson

Lower taxes DO work, higher taxes DO NOT work for small businesses.

Congressman Andrew Clyde

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