Heritage Action: Debt Limit Suspension Would Fund Far-Left Agenda

September 21, 2021

WASHINGTON — Heritage Action, a national grassroots conservative organization, today released a statement on behalf of Executive Director Jessica Anderson urging House Republicans to vote NO on today’s vote to suspend the debt ceiling and pass a continuing resolution (CR).

“Democrats are trying to jam Republicans with a debt limit suspension at the last minute to solve a ‘crisis’ of their own creation. Democrats are also working to pass a far-Left reconciliation bill, which adds at least $3.5 trillion to our national debt. The debt limit vote today pays for the radical reconciliation bill, and Democrats are asking Republicans to go along with it.

Suspending the debt limit would simply kick the can down the road and fail to address Congress’ addiction to running up our national debt. Instead, Congress should enact real spending reforms and return to a true debt limit. The American people recognize this is a Pelosi-Schumer crisis — Republicans must not enable it.”