Heritage Action Brings Save Our Paychecks Tour to Orlando, Highlighting Biden’s Deceitful Attacks on Florida’s Strong Economy

August 17, 2021

ORLANDO, Fla. — On Thursday, Heritage Action will be hosting a Save Our Paychecks Event in Orlando, Florida to highlight how damaging President Biden’s economic agenda is for Floridians and encourage Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.) to listen to the stories of Florida small business owners who don’t support Biden's multi-trillion-dollar tax and spending agenda.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini is the featured speaker at the Orlando event and will be joined by Heritage Action Vice President Garrett Bess and Florida small business owners.

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson:

“President Biden has attacked Florida’s economic recovery at every turn. While Governor DeSantis has helped small business owners reopen their doors and rebuilt his state’s economy, Floridians are paying more at the pump and may soon see less take-home pay if Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar tax and spending plan proceeds. Heritage Action is excited to bring the Save Our Paychecks Tour to Stephanie Murphy’s backyard to urge her to listen to her constituents who stand firmly against the Big Government Socialist agenda of the Left.”

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini:

“The failed policies of Joe Biden and his band of radical leftist Democrats have resulted in massive inflation and stagnation like our country has never seen. We must stop his destruction of the American economy. I’m proud to join Heritage Action to fight back against the systematic destruction of small businesses and the middle class.”


Throughout the months of August and September, Heritage Action, in collaboration with the Coalition to Protect American Workers, is hosting state and national officials and small business owners at local businesses across the country in a series of events aimed at exposing how disastrous President Biden’s policies have been for the American worker. To learn more about the Save Our Paychecks Tour visit saveourpaychecks.com.