Heritage Action: “Bipartisan” Infrastructure Bill is a Bridge to Reconciliation

August 10, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson in response to the Senate’s vote on the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill and the upcoming budget resolution:

Today, the Senate voted to advance a trillion-dollar bill that spends just one-tenth of its total on roads and bridges while funding “digital equity,” dysfunctional Amtrak systems, “green” subsidies, and more. And as last week’s CBO report shows, and as conservatives predicted, the bill is not paid for and instead increases the deficit by more than a quarter trillion dollars.

Worse, the bill opens the gate to the Trojan horse of an upcoming $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, which will contain a laundry list of far-Left policies. Most concerning is a plan to reward millions of illegal immigrants with amnesty.

Senators should have rejected the “bipartisan” bill. Now they must reject efforts by the “Squad” and the rest of the far Left to jam through a reckless tax and spending spree that will saddle our children with debt, fund a woke policy agenda, and put Americans last.